Benjamin Davidson

Defy Tracks is a project created by up-and-coming Producer, Composer, and Audio Engineer Benjamin Davidson.

Based in Charlotte NC, Ben made his start in music at the young age of 7 during a local summer music camp where he decided to pick up guitar. Ever since he learned to play his first chord, he was hooked.

After continuing to take lessons for several years, he started getting into writing and producing full length instrumentals on Garageband – a software he would be soon to outgrow.

Several tracks later, wanting to advance in his journey he graduated to the full suite of tools in Logic Pro X where he started to produce songs in the electronic soundscape. Through writing electronic music, Ben found himself learning and using several different types of synthesizers and effects- both hardware and software, and through this he started to shape his foundational skills in sound design. Furthering his obsession, he decided to once again switch software and try Ableton Live – a more engineering focused DAW. He quickly fell in love with the layout and workflow and continues to use Ableton as his main DAW of choice to this day.

A couple years and many, many tracks later, it was here where Ben started to take his journey seriously and focused on sharpening his skills to be used in the real world. This included branching out of his conventional style and exploring new genres, learning new tools and techniques to polish up his mixes and masters, improving his knowledge of music composition and arrangement, and plenty more.

As his journey evolves, Ben continues to explore new musical genres and widen his musical sphere whilst retaining and utilizing the skills he’s gained from his electronic music background. His latest upcoming EP “Nomad” is a prime example- exploring thoughtfully arranged orchestral elements mixed with intricately crafted synths and atmospheres.

Ben has many more collections in the works that will continue to expand his sonic repertoire. From loud guitar driven rock tracks and trailer cues that push your project through to more relaxed music suited for the background, Ben is working on expanding his horizons to several new areas.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful anthem, tranquil cinematic soundscape, experimental electronic groove or something in between, Ben continues to display his versatility and invites all ideas through collaboration with his clients.

While he’s still getting his professional journey started, make no mistake- Ben will put in the work to help you defy your limits and craft awesome musical experiences that your listener will remember.

This is Defy Tracks.

Outside of music Ben loves LEGO, building computers, video games, watching football (let’s not talk about the panthers), and enjoying some quality time with his family and friends.

Our company has utilized services from Benjamin Davidson around ‘producing & composing’ music for various media outlets, leveraged in sales and marketing content. Ben’s strengths are seen through open communication, understanding his clients’ goals and objectives, communicating clearly on deliverables, and applying his creative abilities. What defines success for Ben’s services is his attention to detail and willingness to always put the customer first, providing a collaborative experience for his clients to feel inclusive in his production process. Ben has delivered many soundtracks and musical pieces aligned with our tone for content, always going above and beyond.
Curt Chan
Go-To-Market Strategy Manager, Vocational Education - Autodesk



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